Rebecca Minkoff LA Flagship Grand Opening!

I love Rebecca Minkoff pieces so I was ecstatic to get an email about her new Los Angeles store’s grand opening! The email said it was in collaboration with Donald Robertson, an artist who painted a mural outside the store, and Smashbox cosmetics! My best friend and I didn’t know what to expect, and since we’d be in the area that day we decided to check it out, and we’re happy we did!


The new store is gorgeous and nestled on Melrose Ave, one of my favorite shopping streets. Upon arriving we were offered glasses of Rosè and Pinot, which we gladly drank!


I was so excited to get the chance to meet Rebecca, and I acted like a child in a candy store the moment I saw her haha! She was gorgeous and so so sweet!


They had a promotion going on where anything you purchase in the store was 20% off and Donald Roberstson would paint something on your item if you wished! I had no plans of buying anything, but once I saw the pieces with his artwork those plans quickly went out the window.


I purchased an Avery Crossbody bag in a really pretty blue color that’s unlike anything I own, and a small black pouch with studs.

I saw Donald painting other guests bags with pictures of their dog so that immediately made me want one of my precious pooch! He painted my pup on my new black pouch and I just about died of cuteness shock.


He painted some signature gap tooth lips and a winky face on my new Crossbody and I was in heaven!



My friend purchased an Avery Crossbody as well, and requested lips and anything else from his imagination. He came up with this gorgeous piece.


 It was such a great event and I’m so thankful I got the opportunity to attend! Everyone I met was so sweet, and I’m forever dreaming of what a great time I had! 😍


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