Duff’s Cakemix Cake Decorating


I’m a huge fan of baking and have quite the sweet tooth! Duff Goldman has an enticing bakery and cake decorating studio by the name of Duff’s Cakemix (conjoined with Charm City Cakes West) located off of Melrose Ave. in West Hollywood. I have gone twice and I’ve had so much fun every single time!
You start by picking out either cupcakes or a cake of your flavor. You can then add other options for a charge, such as: airbrushing, two rolls of fondant (included with the purchase of your treat), two buttercream frostings, and two different “goodies”!


This weekend I’m turning 23, and have dreamt of my Blink 182 “what’s my age again” cake for years! I knew exactly how I wanted to make my cake, and felt that this was the perfect opportunity to visit Duff’s again! My best friend and I are two days apart so we made the journey to Duff’s to make our cakes and then headed to Staples Center after for the Taylor Swift concert!


My other friend joined us and made the cutest Taylor Swift cake in honor of the night we were about to have!


I highly recommend checking out Duff’s! It’s a blast for all ages and a sweet treat! I can’t wait to go back!


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