Duff’s Cakemix Cake Decorating


I’m a huge fan of baking and have quite the sweet tooth! Duff Goldman has an enticing bakery and cake decorating studio by the name of Duff’s Cakemix (conjoined with Charm City Cakes West) located off of Melrose Ave. in West Hollywood. I have gone twice and I’ve had so much fun every single time!
You start by picking out either cupcakes or a cake of your flavor. You can then add other options for a charge, such as: airbrushing, two rolls of fondant (included with the purchase of your treat), two buttercream frostings, and two different “goodies”!

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Pizza Party!

If I had to pick my favorite food, I’d say pizza is definitely a top contender. Pizza nights are a great way to gather up fellow pizza lovers and have fun, but have you ever made your own? I love making my own pizza and heres what I used!

First, I sprayed a flat oven pan with canola oil, and then rolled out my dough. The Pillsbury ones are great because they roll out so easy! After that, put on your sauce and cheese and pile on the toppings! The more cheese the better. Continue reading

Fun With Polaroids!

Continuing with my other post about my Polaroid Heart Wall I thought I’d show you how I store my polaroid pictures.  First off, as I mentioned before, I LOVE my Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 Polaroid camera! Taking pictures is one of my favorite things to do, and I love the suspense of not knowing whether or not a picture will come out good.  Especially in a time where we will take 57 selfies before we find “The One”.


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DIY Polaroid Wall Heart

I am obsessed with polaroids, and my mini Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 is one of my favorite purchases! I am currently redoing my room and wanted to remove a large frame that I had hanging up.  After looking through Pinterest I saw a few hearts made with all polaroid picture.  I instantly fell in love with the idea and decided to try it myself on the newly empty space on my wall.

It took me about three months to accumulate the 52 pictures.


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