Girls Night Treats!

I have a major sweet tooth for anything chocolate, and anything with carbs if we’re being honest. So over the weekend I decided what better way to spend a girl’s night than baking? Today, I’ve got two recipes for you to bake at your next girls night or any other time you’re craving more carbs than your body can handle! Let me present to you “Pinwheel Rice Krispies” and “Slutty Brownies”
I’ve never made either of these recipes until this weekend and I was worried they wouldn’t come out great, but they were amazing! I have no idea how other blogs make their desserts so attractive, but since I have no control about what goes on in my oven, I tried my best!

Pinwheel Rice Krispies


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Pizza Party!

If I had to pick my favorite food, I’d say pizza is definitely a top contender. Pizza nights are a great way to gather up fellow pizza lovers and have fun, but have you ever made your own? I love making my own pizza and heres what I used!

First, I sprayed a flat oven pan with canola oil, and then rolled out my dough. The Pillsbury ones are great because they roll out so easy! After that, put on your sauce and cheese and pile on the toppings! The more cheese the better. Continue reading